Month: April 2019

Financial Planning and Accounting Services

What does it mean to be a Good Steward?

Being a good steward of your financial resources first requires that you accept the fact that you can’t take it with you.  Your financial resources are entrusted to you to do good in the world. That means first looking after your immediate needs and those of your family. Everyone’s definition of their needs is different…
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What are you working for, anyway?

If you are self-employed you probably went into business for yourself for one of two reasons.  Either you were passionate about your chosen field and wanted to be in control of your own destiny or you couldn’t find work with an established company so you decided to go out on your own. In either case,…
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The CPP Dilemma

With all the talk these days about the CPP being improved to provide greater benefits, many are wondering whether they should postpone taking their CPP until age 70 rather than the usual age 65. As usual, the answer is not clear and depends largely on your unique financial situation.  Since delaying taking your CPP until…
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Cash Flow Planning-The first step towards a healthy Financial Life

When you hear financial advisers talk about providing you with a financial plan it usually sounds something like this. ” In order to meet your goal of being able to live on $xx,xxx per year when you retire you’re going to need to save $xxx per month based on your investment profile.” Well folks I…
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Your Financial Temperament or Mindset

Most of the financial decisions we make regardless of our level of financial knowledge are based not so much on logic but on our habits and attitudes (or habitudes as one author phrases it) towards money. So it’s important that before we talk about finances we find out what our financial temperament really is.  There…
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