Don't keep it a secret

My name is Doug Scott and I started this site not because I am an expert in personal financial matters and have become wealthy as a result (I haven’t) but rather because I want to share with you my thoughts and knowledge of what it means to be a good steward of the resources God has provided us on our journey through life on this earth.

I am a certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor bookkeeper, a registered tax e-filer with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and I am a formerly certified by FP Canada, Certified Financial Planning professional (2009-2020), so my focus is on being a good steward of the financial resources we have been given.

However, there are many more gifts that we need to be thankful for and take good care of. These include our family, friends, the environment and other people who share the bounty of this world. Our financial resources only serve as a means of doing this.

My paradigm is that of a Catholic Christian, however, the fundamental truth of good stewardship prevails regardless of your beliefs or religion.

I hope that by reading these posts you will be in a better position to becoming The Good Steward that God wants you to be.