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How Long Will You Live?

One of the biggest challenges to planning your financial future is predicting how long you will live. Let’s face it, if you knew you only had a year or two left you would do things very different than if you were sure you would live for another 50+ years. So how do you decide how…
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What does it mean to be a Good Steward?

Being a good steward of your financial resources first requires that you accept the fact that you can’t take it with you.  Your financial resources are entrusted to you to do good in the world. That means first looking after your immediate needs and those of your family. Everyone’s definition of their needs is different…
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Cash Flow Planning-The first step towards a healthy Financial Life

When you hear financial advisers talk about providing you with a financial plan it usually sounds something like this. ” In order to meet your goal of being able to live on $xx,xxx per year when you retire you’re going to need to save $xxx per month based on your investment profile.” Well folks I…
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