Your Financial Temperament or Mindset

Your Financial Temperament or Mindset

Don't keep it a secret

Most of the financial decisions we make regardless of our level of financial knowledge are based not so much on logic but on our habits and attitudes (or habitudes as one author phrases it) towards money.

So it’s important that before we talk about finances we find out what our financial temperament really is. 

There are a number of different labels applied to these temperaments but one I like and use was created by Stephanie Holmes-Winton, CEO of the Money Finder and creator of the first nationally accredited cash flow planning designation, the Certified Cash Flow Specialistâ„¢ which I am currently working towards.

Click on the link to find out what your Money Mindset is. Only you will see the results unless you choose to share it with your financial advisor, which is a good idea.


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